Linen LadderI began sewing at twelve years old, (I’ll defer saying how many decades have passed since then!). Even way back then, I was never a “synthetic kinda gal”.  The gravitation to natural textiles was instinctive on every level.

I did not give thought to environmental impacts or sustainability early on – conscientious awareness came much later in life. 

In the beginning, all I felt was a magnetic pull to fine cottons, silks, wool and linens in an exploding kaleidoscope of colours, textures, weaves and weights.  Bold or neutral in design, the fibres held a subtle, elegant beauty and caressed the skin when worn.

My ‘real’ natural textile education took roots in the early 80’s after happening on ‘Ant Hill Cotton & Canvas’ located in the Kensington area of Calgary, AB.  I had never seen anything like it.  Walls of high quality natural fabrics, yarns and threads from all over the world.  Whole days spent looking, touching, draping, asking questions from the amazing staff and taking notes – lots and lots of notes!  

Fast forward to 2016 and thoughts of a small batch, boutique mulled through my mind.  

What did I want to convey.

What would denote the philosophy of everything I believe in; natural beauty in all its forms, longevity, an environmentally sustainable product, timeless and uncomplicated style.

Linen said it all.